Hello! We are PVD+

New Official website: http://www.pvd-plus.com

PVD+ is a Taiwan based start up that specializes in motion sensing technology. We are excited to announce our new gesture recognition engine which we call “Dong core".

Our engine enhances the capabilities to control third party accessories such as drones , blue tooth toys and home automation devises using hand gestures.

The Dong core engine can also be used for bio metric authentication by applying these gestures. Our team is currently refining the engine and and are proceeding to patent the technology.

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If you want to find us, you can

email: pvdplus.5@gmail.com
FB: 『PVD+』Motion Recognition Technology
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『PVD+』Using The Force? No, it s an Apple Watch flying this drone

(reported by Reuters)
We are really excited about the Reuters report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It really encourages us to share our services.

We dedicated to make people control everything. We are trying hard to free our hands to feel our world. In the near future, we will release our own app if you have apple watch.

What do you want to control? You can share your ideas below to make us know.

If you want to find us, you can send to this email: pvdplus.5@gmail.com

Thank you all.

『PVD+』Make Different : fb.com/pvdplus

Reuters report

Video link:https://youtu.be/C6wRKXOOwQ0

PVD+ story

PVD+ team story

Originally, we only have two students to do some research project in university. From 2012/12, we decided to share our ideas to the world. We want to make everyone love what we do. And then, we teamed up and called PVD+.

Our core goal is:
“Make different"

1997, the most famous computer company,"Apple", said “Think different". However, We PVD+ thought that we need to try hard to do something, realize our ideas as services or products rather than thinking.

2012, PVD+ was born

All of us just have a big dream at the beginning, but we strongly believed that we can make it. We want to make machine understand our real world. And we did a lot of things:
2013, We won the gold medal from “Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes".

2014, We tried hard to make machine understand our motion. We successfully develop the motion recognition engine called “DONG core".

2015, We joined startup competitions to share our service. We really make drone follow our hands.

At the end of 2015, Reuters shares our service to the world. All of us were inspired because we really touch the world.

In the future, we will keep insisting our passion. One day, we will stand on an international platform and say, “we are PVD+, do you want something different? Let’s “Make different" “.